Over on Patreon

There are 8 chapters of the Prenup from Hell posted on my Patreon. Prenup from Hell is a love/hate story. It’s a cross between Constantine and Mr. & Mrs. Smith–only it’s two misters. One’s a lawyer the other’s a Food Network Star. One’s evil and the other’s a Demon. There’s adventure, violence, vicious villains, intrigue, and family drama with a healthy dose of humor thrown in.

I try to post 2 chapters a month that you can read for $1 a month pledge and other perks if you become a higher level Patron. My goal’s to get enough money to hire an editor and pay for the stock photos…I’ll need for a cover.

I might do my own cover. I’ve done them for other authors, but I will not do my own edit. That would be a horrible mistake!

The first chapter of the Prenup from Hell is free for anyone to read at this LINK.


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