Nick and Des’ future

At my writers’ group on Saturday, I told them I was having a real hard time finishing the Prenup from Hell. I know how it ends. I know how they get there, but I’m having a bitch of a time writing it.

My friends both pointed out it’s because I’m afraid to let go of the characters. They’re family at this point, and I do love them. Shaleatha Palmore told me the best thing to do was to figure out what comes next.

I’ve always planned on Prenup being the first in a series, and after a lot of brainstorming with Shaleatha and Andi Van, I’ve decided the next project will be the Babysitters from Hell.

I’ll also be editing/polishing/rewriting Toya’s novel, so I have a plan.

Plans make Jenn happy.

Sometimes, they even make her productive.

Prenup from Hell – Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

With their new clothes shoved into a suitcase that Des stole on the way out of the hotel, Des and Nick headed for the freeway after a stop at Starbucks to get some much needed coffee and something to eat. Des was driving while Nick was playing cup holder until they got off the surface streets.

“All the money you paid for this car and it doesn’t have a cup holder?” Nick frowned as he held the pair of cups as level as he while Des took a turn that included a bottom scraping pot hole. “What do you do when you’re the only one in the car?”

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Prenup From Hell – Chapter 12

What’s the next step?

Nick’s ears were ringing—literally—when he cracked his eyes open in the morning. All his tech was set to go into do not disturb mode after 11pm, but he’d forgotten to shut off the emergency feature that would ping him if he had more than ten calls from the same caller. That caller was his mother who he realized pretty quickly that he should have called the night before to say that he was all right to avoid the speech and or tirade he was about to get. Her ringtone was echoing off the walls, and damn Des if he wasn’t sleeping through it.

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Prenup From Hell – Chapter 11 (12)

Back Seat Drivers

Halfway down the block, the echoing sounds of sirens bounced from the buildings as they saw the fire department and LAPD raced toward the carnage they’d left behind them. Des tried to duck out of the way, but as usual with downtown traffic he was barely able to nudge another driver over to give him space. There wouldn’t be much they could do to save the apartment, and it wasn’t as if they could go back. But he still loved the penthouse.

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Prenup from Hell – Chapter 10 (11)

All Hell Breaks Loose 

Outside clouds thickened, blocking the fading sunlight that normally painted the wall with glowing shades of amber and gold. Des poured another healthy splash of Cuervo into his glass and gulped it down. He could feel a change in the air, the sudden shift of pressure that made his ears pop.

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