How RP broke my writer’s block

I’d been suffering from writer’s block for a few years caused by a blanket of depression that I didn’t realize was going on. Someday I might talk more about that, but for now let’s just say it sucked. I could write some fanfic, but original writing was out of the question my brain would not cooperate.

Then one of my friends asked me to play Vampire the Masquerade with her online through Facebook. I hadn’t played VtM in a very long time, but it has always been my favorite RPG. My brain kicked into gear, and I think it took me all of two hours to create Carter Price.

It felt good to make an original character. It was wonderful to get to RP after so long, and since the online experiment my friend (who is also a Jenn) and I try to get together every other month for in person gaming with Carter.

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Jenn Moffatt & Lee Jay Stura

So here’s the real reason I was going with Lee Jay Stura, my one and only book on Amazon was published with that name on it, and I did not want the 10 people who bought it to be confused. I also intend to use Denver in future books, because I have a whole slew of vampires with stories to tell.

But I’ve since decided to not do the new books in 1st person like Dead Man’s Hand and since I want to be able to put the boys in each others’ books that means third person is necessary.

This will mean a cover update for Dead Man’s Hand at some point to say, “Jenn Moffatt writing as Lee Jay Stura” or something else pretentious. LOL

I’ve secured jennmoffattwrites and have leejaysturawrites. Next month I’ll work on making a viable website and up my social media use. Right now I need to sort out chapter 8 of the Prenup From Hell for next Monday’s Patreon.