Star Trek Adventures – USS Excalibur

We’re not RPing until the 2nd Friday in September, but the plot is churning away in my brain. I’m jotting down notes now, and I suspect I’ll be building NPCs, space stations, and starships this week.

One thing I love about RPing Star Trek is that it’s not all about greed and violence. It’s about discovery and the protection of life whether that life is aware of the Federation or not. In Starfleet they’d rather have a drink with an enemy than shoot them.

A good game requires the tugging of heartstrings and finding that quest for knowledge that gives the players hope for a better future.

Of course on the other side of the coin, my Discord crew is playing Mirror Universe, and they’re a bunch of power hungry dicks.

This is Carter Price

tumblr_piti6zGqyb1tb1kgx_250Name: Carter Alton Price
Alias: Jack Bristow
Born: April 3, 1972, Las Vegas, NV
Embrace: Feb 16, 2010, Los Angeles, CA
Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Ivan Spalko (Blood Bound)
Prey: Military, Cops, Firemen, men in uniform…
Nature: TBD
Demeanor: TBD
Occupation: Fixer—you got a problem he takes care of it. Former Air Force fighter pilot, CIA agent.

I was born the year Nixon went to China. The year of the last draft. Nixon and Brezhnev signed the first SALT treaty, and Watergate. 1972 was a hell of a year. Dad was in the Air Force. I was born in the base hospital at Nellis outside of Las Vegas, and the family shipped out with dad from one base to another all over the world until the old man settled down. I remember cracking up when I got the recruitment flyers in the mail during my senior year—as if I wouldn’t be following in dad’s footsteps. I wanted to fly.

Dad was happy about it. My older brother had no interest in entering the military, and I don’t think there was a drop of patriotic blood in his body. Pretty sure he hasn’t changed much over the past 40 years either. He’s up in Oregon, growing pot, and hooking up with chicks with hairy armpits and munching granola. Not my style. Dad used to grumble that I should’ve been the junior in the family since I was his mini-me.

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How RP broke my writer’s block

I’d been suffering from writer’s block for a few years caused by a blanket of depression that I didn’t realize was going on. Someday I might talk more about that, but for now let’s just say it sucked. I could write some fanfic, but original writing was out of the question my brain would not cooperate.

Then one of my friends asked me to play Vampire the Masquerade with her online through Facebook. I hadn’t played VtM in a very long time, but it has always been my favorite RPG. My brain kicked into gear, and I think it took me all of two hours to create Carter Price.

It felt good to make an original character. It was wonderful to get to RP after so long, and since the online experiment my friend (who is also a Jenn) and I try to get together every other month for in person gaming with Carter.

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