New levels of stupid

Just picked up my mug from the cup warmer and something gooey and gross–like it belongs in Ghostbusters–came with it. It looked like purple snot.
“What the fuck is that?” I asked the dog, who was clueless, which is not a surprise. Then the smell of raspberries hit, and I realized I’d forgotten to take my gummy vitamin this morning.
I usually dump the morning regiment on the cup warmer (while it’s turned off) because they can’t roll off it. Then I pop them down before making breakfast.
Now I have purple gunk under my cup, which will wash off, and a goopy smear of it on the cup warmer that may or may not ever come off.
I should just buy a new warmer and say ‘fuck it’.

Does it count?

as failure?

I attempted to migrate the site over to .org because I wanted a custom email address. I fought the panels, the passwords, and the endless pages of ‘tutorials’ that were ‘simple’, and this morning I said, “Fuck this!” I cancelled the new host and getting my money back because it just flat out takes up too much time.

This site is fine. I’m not finished with it, but I will be once I have a couple of days to work on it. Chapter 9 of Prenup needs to be written by Monday. I’m doing an edit that’s eating my brain, and by the time I got the .org to work, I’d hate it.

To be honest, I feel better already.

Hope you’re having a good Tuesday.