I feel like my mom

Harley and Badger have been racing through the house, hissing, growling, and tearing things up for over an hour. Gus, the poor dog, has been Velcro’d to me in fear that the big, evil cats will turn on his, but to be fair to the cats, he ALWAYS thinks they’re out to get him.

I just put an end to their fun and games with the squirt bottle, which is where I feel like my mom–not because she would take a squirt bottle to my brother and me (although I bet she would’ve loved doing that)–but because I broke up their fun.

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Hotter than a Two-Peckered Puppy Dog

Several years ago, I got it into my head that I needed to make tortilla soup, and by needing, I mean NEEDING. I wanted Islands’ recipe, which I found online, and I mixed in a few others to round it out. (That’s pretty much how I cook. I look for 3 or 4 recipes for the same thing and take bits and pieces.)

The recipe I found called for chipotle peppers. It said a can of them. I swear to god it did. Being in San Diego, means I can buy real Mexican ingredients. No El Paso Salsa in my house. I go for the real deal. The real deal is missing one thing that you get on Americanized Mexican food, there is no heat scale on the jar/can.

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All the roses


In June of 2007 I went to Eugene to see my mom and dad. I’m pretty sure my niece was still at U of O then, but I’m not sure. My Papa taught me how to prune roses when I was little. He showed me how the rose would create a bud after the 5 leaf cluster and not the 3. Sadly that’s about all I remember now, but then again it’s been decades.

Here are pictures from the Eugene Rose Garden in Oregon. I’m pretty sure these were taken with a film using Cannon. Let me know if you can see the face in the big damn tree.

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