Never Surrender – Galaxy Quest

I just watched Never Surrender – the Galaxy Quest documentary on Amazon Prime. It is wonderful. So much about Trek and how much GQ honors it and the fans. It made me feel so much better about life.

Now I think I need to watch Galaxy Quest, the Voyage Home, and Trek 2009 to continue the feel-good vibes. I’m tired of being anxious and worried 24/7. When I was 13, I told my mom that I wanted reincarnation to be real, so I could come back to serve on the Enterprise. Star Trek is my happy place.

And if I keep this up, I’m going to end up writing some Spock short story instead of working on my novel. I miss writing fanfic.

So hi…

Got very busy for a while after getting very, very sick between Jan/Feb. Sick enough that I wonder if I didn’t get Covid-19. I almost went to the ER because I could not breathe. I was afraid I was going to die. It took weeks for the last of it to go away.

During those weeks finished the secret project. Next up I need to finish the Prenup from Hell. But the real question is: What do I write next?
I have so many characters in my head, so many plots, and we shall not speak of the partial drafts of novels I’ve never finished and should. This was so much easier before getting published because now those unfinished things are haunting me, and I can’t blow them off and write Star Trek fanfic anymore.
And gods know I miss writing Trek fic.
Anyway, I am leaning toward my vampires. They are my favorites. I have the conman, the spy, and the cop. They’re all in the same universe, which saves on world building. But I don’t know where to start. Jace was created so long ago! Denver is my darling, but Carter is so tempting.
I’ll figure it out.