Sunday, Rainy, Sunday

I’m having a hard time waking up, which is probably because it’s cold and gray. It was beautiful yesterday when Andi Van and I went on a meandering joyride around town. But today, I just want a blanket and tea.

FINALLY have characters and plot worked out for the project. I even have a title! I also only have 3 weeks to get it done, but being the procrastinator that I am, that’s just fine. I do better when I’m closer to my deadline. Must be the journalist in me.

While I wasn‘t writing, I was redoing the PRG website. I’m very happy with how it’s set up now. If you haven’t seen it since I first became the webslinger, drop on by and have a look at (Reece did the banner, and it’s awesome.)

They review all types of books, not just paranormal romance, so if you’d like a review, send in a request.

PRG Facebook

January Catch Up (Because I forgot to post)

Had a bout of the flu take me out for two weeks in January. I seriously almost went to the ER, and anyone who knows me, knows that I could be bleeding from losing a body part before I willingly go to the doctor let alone the ER. I was coughing so hard that I was afraid I would forget how to breathe. Thank god for good old Vicks Vaporizers though. Helped tons once I was functional enough to get one.

Beyond on the flu, I had a successful month of rebuilding the Paranormal Romance Guild’s website. I’m their webmaster, which is pretty cool, and I do some volunteering for them on the side, because I have skills they need. My Public Relations focus from Journalism school plus my years in advertising for Time Warner do have practical uses. Who knew?

So I did a website makeover, added blog tours to their spate of member services, and worked 3x more than normal to help get the Reviewers Choice Awards done for 2019. Now I’ve got a year to figure out a better way to do them that’s less primitive.

Writing-wise, I did a stupid thing. I fell into the—it has to be perfect—pit, which means I was NOT writing. I was thinking. I was plotting. I was freaked out because of the pressure of the secret project and feeling unworthy….But I did manage to eek out a chapter yesterday. Of course this means, I need to bust my ass all month to get it done on time. I’ve always been a procrastinator. I freely admit it, but I am a procrastinator that still gets it done on time.

I just do better with less time.