I feel like my mom

Harley and Badger have been racing through the house, hissing, growling, and tearing things up for over an hour. Gus, the poor dog, has been Velcro’d to me in fear that the big, evil cats will turn on his, but to be fair to the cats, he ALWAYS thinks they’re out to get him.

I just put an end to their fun and games with the squirt bottle, which is where I feel like my mom–not because she would take a squirt bottle to my brother and me (although I bet she would’ve loved doing that)–but because I broke up their fun.

When we were kids, we lived in a very old craftsman house south of San Francisco. We had a brick in one of the fireplaces that was etched with “from the Great San Francisco Earthquake 1906”. The house was built in 1912, and it was beautiful. It wasn’t big, but it was grand in its own ancient ways. I still miss that house with it’s glass doorknobs and all the wood floors. Don’t miss the single outlet in each room though. I can’t imagine surviving that now!

There was one bathroom, which is now called a Jack & Jill. It was between the two bedrooms. Dave and I got the bedrooms, while mom and dad took over the huge front room for their bedroom. We used the formal dining room as our living room, and it all worked great.

If Dave and I got to fighting too much, mom would send us to our rooms where we would complain about her through the open bathroom doors. It didn’t matter that we were trying to kill each other. NOPE! She was stopping us from playing! We were just having fun.

Badger and Harley just looked at me from the hallway with that same betrayed look on their little furry faces. HOW COULD YOU!! WE WERE JUST PLAYING!!

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