So I’m a Trekkie

There might be 2 people in the galaxy who don’t know that. LOL

I’m a huge fan of 98% of all Star Trek series and movies. My dream is to write a Star Trek novel and get it published. Seriously, that would be my dream come true, but they don’t have open submissions anymore.

Anyway, these are my thoughts about the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery.

I have always identified with Spock. He was an outsider among his own people because he was different, and the past two weeks of Discovery have made that link between me and the character stronger than ever. First when we found out about Spock’s learning disability and now that we know what happened between him and Michael.

I was born disabled. I’ve been on crutches my entire life and growing up it was hard. I was never picked for the team. People treated me like I was an alien. Like I couldn’t understand them. Like I did not belong. Those friends I did have, the ones who could see past the two pieces of aluminum that helped me walk, were precious to me, and I can see why Spock loves his crew as much as he does—because they trust and believe in him.

But Michael’s words tore me open. I started crying, because I had so many people say things like that to me. Thankfully my brother was never one of them. My brother is no saint. He’s pretty much a major asshole to most people. We fought like crazy growing up—verbally and physically. The last time he was over a foot and a half taller than me, but I still wouldn’t let him win.

What’s funny is he’d never kick me. Even when he was too young to realize I had crappy legs, he didn’t kick when we’d fight. And I never bit him. We would punch and wrestle with our arms, which made it pretty fair until he grew to be so much bigger than I was.

Dave never teased me about being disabled, handicapped, or crippled. He never used it against me, and god help anyone who teased me in front of him. If we’d been closer in age, I’m sure he’d have been kicked out of school for kicking the shit out of the people who bullied me, which never happened in the neighborhoods we grew up in. He was my shadow, who became my guardian angel.

I feel so bad for poor Spock. To have your sister say something like that…to rip into you and tear at the ragged thread that was constantly threatening to come undone and end you was beyond cruel. I’m still crying for him.

Spock, I wish you’d had a brother like mine. He’d have taken you snorkeling between classes and cliff diving. He’d never hurt you like that.

I don’t care if Michael thought she was doing the right thing. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

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