Prenup from Hell – Chapter 10 (11)

All Hell Breaks Loose 

Outside clouds thickened, blocking the fading sunlight that normally painted the wall with glowing shades of amber and gold. Des poured another healthy splash of Cuervo into his glass and gulped it down. He could feel a change in the air, the sudden shift of pressure that made his ears pop.

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Prenup From Hell – New Chapter

Tracy waited until Desmond was gone before going back to his office. He was glad he’d canceled the rest of his appointments for the day, but he had a few things to grab before he got in his car to go home. He worried about his little brother. Des wasn’t thinking clearly, and he was horrified he’d developed actual feelings for his husband.

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So I’m a Trekkie

There might be 2 people in the galaxy who don’t know that. LOL

I’m a huge fan of 98% of all Star Trek series and movies. My dream is to write a Star Trek novel and get it published. Seriously, that would be my dream come true, but they don’t have open submissions anymore.

Anyway, these are my thoughts about the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery.

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Busy day yesterday

The day was too chaotic yesterday for me to write, but that’s OK. You can’t make progress if you beat yourself up for a day of being busy doing other stuff. Hell, you shouldn’t beat yourself up–period. If you do that, you don’t write. Suck it up and move on.
Also making my work week m-f for my 5K a week goal is kind of stupid on my part. I’d be much better served if I included the 3 days a week my sister is home writing, and the house is quiet.
So there! Now it’s super easy to hit my 5K. I will take my weekend during the week!