Inserting the villain

I debated whether or not to add villain chapters to the Prenup from Hell for a long time. Some people don’t like them, but then some people don’t like flashbacks either and I LOVE those. (I blame Highlander for that addiction.) I also happen to love writing bad guys. It’s fun to take a walk on the dark side.

I’m at a good point in Prenup where I could easily (yeah right) insert a chapter with the villain. I know the motivation. I know they hold the key to solving the entire problem that my characters are going through–not that I’m going to give that away in chapter nine–but it feels right to bring them into play.

It’s not as if I’m writing first person where you don’t get to see the villain from any perspective than the ‘hero’. Hopefully my readers find the villain to be an interesting character.

Over on Facebook…

This week I’ve joined a few groups for Urban Fantasy writers and fans. Doing my extrovert thing to do some bonding with others who write my genre. I used to have tons of UF writers–many of them bestsellers–as friends on Livejournal before my stalker made me withdraw from my connections.
I don’t talk about her anymore. Because that gives her attention although I doubt she’s paying any to me anymore, but that nut job cost me a lot of good friends because she started to hound them, which as busy authors they did not appreciate. Cutting off contact with them seemed like the best thing to do, but now I realize I probably shouldn’t have done that.
Oh well, it’s not as if they gave lessons in how to deal with obsessed internet stalkers when I was in school. Do they do that now? They probably should.